How to Become Successful?
Are you ready for Success?

Are you really mentally ready for success?

Think...., because your answer will determine HOW successful you will become.

You can read books after books on how to become successful in life. You can talk to hundreds of successful people. You can learn different techniques and acquire knowledge of HOW TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL, but unfortunately that is NOT everything you need to have to become a Winner in life.

All these are very good suggestions, techniques and tips, but that is ALL they are. Unless you've arrived to the point in your life that you had just enough and you do not want to handle any more misery and disappointments in life – you will not become successful.

Like you, a long time ago I was in the same situation. I had acquired knowledge, but I was unable to put that knowledge to use and achieve my goals. I had one set-back after another, one failure on top of another until I had more than I could handle. And that was the turning point of my life.

pile of booksI've looked deep to find out what exactly was holding me back from achieving success. I've read again and again as much as I could find about achieving success by other people - to help me understand, what was I doing wrong and find out WHAT I HAVE TO DO to achieve my goals.

Finally I've realized that the formula of success used by others was just their own success story. That did not mean that I could copy and follow their steps to become successful in MY LIFE.

I needed more than their suggestions, their formulas and their tips, because my situation was not the same as theirs. Also at that time I did not know yet, if I had the same or similar qualities, abilities and attitudes as they possessed in their own lives, qualities that made them successful.

I've realized that for me to achieve my own goals and desires in my life I CAN NOT just follow their footsteps of success. That was the beginning of developing my own formula, my own system based on knowledge and experience of my own life and suggestions I've chosen to utilize.

At that time, some 35 years ago, I started with a single piece of paper WRITING DOWN EVERYTHING I knew about myself, my own qualities, my own abilities, my own insecurities, my past mistakes, decisions I've made that prevented me from success.

Finally I've started to realize the mistakes I've made. One by one I've corrected them and worked on improving myself. As a result I've developed my own formula, my own system to help me become a Winner and achieve my goals. That is how I've created my own Book of Knowledge and developed the Blue Print For Success.

Over the years that single piece of paper that I started 35 years ago has become as thick as The Yellow Pages and more valuable than The Encyclopedia Britannica in my own life.

Today, I can review in my Book of Knowledge not only qualities and weaknesses I have, but everything I've done in my life: how I've handled set-backs, how I've overcome obstacles that I thought were impossible to overcome, how I've solved problems for which I thought there was no solution, how I've turned hardships into opportunities on my way to Success.

But the most important aspect of my own Book of Knowledge is - that it gives me complete understanding of WHAT IT TAKES to achieve the goals and desires - regardless the situation on hand.

Finally, what everybody talked about in every book that I've read: that knowledge is POWER - become clear and understood.

The knowledge I've acquired about myself and every situation I've dealt with in my life over the years was listed in details in my own Book of Knowledge. The knowledge I've acquired has become the true power in my own life and has helped me to plan the strategy of how to achieve my goals and become a Winner.

Reading my own Book of Knowledge, learning from mistakes I've made in the past allowed me to understand a lot of things in my life that I was NOT ABLE to realize before.

For instance:

  • About the Powers within my Mind, Heart and Soul I possess and the Powers and Laws of the Universe.

  • For anyone to have a happy marriage or relation in life you have to give ALL of you. You have to give all the love and appreciation you have to other person, for you to receive their affection and their love in return. A happy relation is 100 / 100 and NOT as many people believe 50 / 50. It cost me an emotionally and financially painful divorce to learn it, but thanks to knowledge I’ve acquired I've found my new partner in my wife, my best friend I've always wanted in life and I've been happily married for over 15 years.
  • The knowledge I’ve acquired has helped me to realize that I have a body for my Soul and not a soul for my body.
  • The knowledge I’ve acquired has helped me to realize that everything I need to become successful is in my Mind and in my Thoughts.
  • The knowledge I’ve acquired has helped me to utilize the Spiritual Powers within and deepen my faith to trust my abilities to believe that "I CAN" succeed and achieve my goals and desires.
  • The knowledge I’ve acquired has helped me to accomplish professional success and the desired income in my life.
  • The knowledge I’ve acquired has also helped me to develop the INNER PEACE in my heart and control my emotions. Finally I was able to eliminate the fears which prevented me from success.

  • The knowledge I've acquired has made me understand how my Spiritual Powers within can help my efforts to succeed and utilize the Powers of our Universe to achieve my goals and desires in life.

Let me put the record straight. I'm not a preacher or a minister, neither a diploma I'm a simple man like you who graduated from the biggest, well known school: The University of Life, The Street University. After all, there is no better education to have than WHAT LIFE HAS TO OFFER to help you succeed and become a Winner.

To achieve your goals in life you have to be mentally READY and prepared to WORK HARD for your success. You have to create your own formula and not to copy others, because it does not work that way. That is why the Blue Print for Success is so effective and works wonders for anyone who has tried the system.

The Blue Print for Success is based:

  • On the knowledge you will acquire
  • Simplicity
  • Common Sense

The Blue Print for Success will allow you to acquire knowledge and KNOWLEDGE IS POWER because from knowledge you draw wisdom.

With WISDOM you are able to make RIGHT CHOICES in your life.

Wisdom will help you realize WHAT thoughts you will have to change in order to CHANGE YOUR DESTINY and MANIFEST PERMANENT SUCCESS and HAPPINESS in your life.

I've changed my thoughts, my old habits and accomplished the following:

  • I've quit smoking after 40 years as a chain smoker without the help of any supplements - just by my own will power by realizing "what I have to do".
  • I've lowered half my sugar level of what it was; I'm a type 2 diabetic. Now I'm taking only quarter of the amount of pills I used to take before when my sugar level was double by understanding "what I need to do".
  • I've changed my eating habits and created my own healthy diet. As a result I’ve dropped 50 lb with no help from anyone by gradually adjusting to "a new menu" which is the key to losing weight for good.
  • And the most important of my achievements, I'm walking again after a major stroke. winnerA stroke so severe; the doctors would not give me even a 50 / 50 chance that I will ever walk again. I've designed my own rehab program using my own System. With my doctors approval I've started physiotherapy rehab at home and two years later I walk again anywhere with the help of a cane only. Now I've got my life back with the "Will Power" and my Faith.

Unfortunately there is NO INSTANT SUCCESS in life. The truth is - SUCCESS is achieved only thorough hard work, commitment and dedication. There is no substitute for success - the harder you work the luckier you get in life.

However, if you know what you have to do and how to do it and you are mentally READY to become a Winner, with a burning desire to succeed - you can do anything you want in your life. You can put your life back together, no matter how hopeless the situation looks today.

Develop CONFIDENCE in yourself. TRUST your abilities and have FAITH in your Spiritual Powers to help you.

MOST IMPORTANT - Believe "YOU CAN" and you WILL succeed and achieve permanent Success and Prosperity.

Forget your past failures! Stop blaming yourself for yesterday. Instead LEARN from it and MOVE ON FORWARD because you are WORTHY of happiness and success in your life.
ALWAYS remember, a failure is ONLY a temporary set-back in life. You have not failed as a Person. Simply you were not successful with that particular trial at that time in your life.
Acquire Knowledge and develop confidence, trust your abilities and deepen your faith for you to become a WINNER.

One thing is certain, in adversity keep MOTIVATED for often the best comes from difficulty in life.

SELF-CONFIDENCE is the first step to success.

BELIEVE "YOU CAN" and you WILL succeed and achieve your goals and desires to live with permanent SUCCESS and HAPPINESS in your life as you DESERVE.

Never settle for less!

Expect the BEST and GET IT!

Never accept defeat easily in your life and without a fight!

Let me help you, as your personal online Life Coach to organize your thoughts into a system – your own Blue Print for Success that will answer your question: “How to Become Successful".
That is what I do.
For details go to: Our Services.

To your success,

X-Loser - your Life Coach

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